Recent Explosions…

Some Header Images

I created a few more images to use as headers on this website. I used Flame Painter’s impressive brush collection to put together some fun with light (and a little chalk). I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to be making other than wanting to create something with a sense of explosive … Continue reading Some Header Images

Flame Painter

I used Flame Painter to create an image with fire, embers, swirling light and some stars. I used my Huion tablet and stylus to play with the program. Below I’ve included another other example of me toying with the program. It’s really just a big mess of the different pens layered over each other in … Continue reading Flame Painter

Be That Guy

I’m definitely not a musician, though I would certainly love to be able to create music. I recently tried using my iPad, Tascam mixer and USB interface to create a multi-track mix featuring a nice beat and perhaps a bit too much of my “singing”. I filtered my vocals through an auto tune type program, … Continue reading Be That Guy