I am an experienced photographer experimenting with digital art.

I worked for twenty years as a wedding and event photographer. At some point along the way I lost my passion for the craft. I just didn’t want to take pictures of brides and grooms anymore.

These days I shoot pictures of what interests me, whether or not I technically know how. I also like to convert my photos into line art by hand, using a Huion tablet and programs like Sketchbook on my laptop. I occasionally create often nonsensical and unrelated cartoon doodles when drawing in Procreate on my iPad with the Apple Pencil.

In addition to the visual art, I am also exploring music production as a hobby. I have put together a home studio to create audible art and to see what I can come up with.

I intend to use DeviantArt and Soundcloud to showcase my digital “artwork”.

Please enjoy.

All artwork on this site, with the obvious exception of business logos (Deviant Art, Soundcloud, WordPress, etc.), is an original created by binaryexplosion.studio and copyrighted as such.